About : Election Solutions for Africa (ES4A)

The management expertise takes the lead on the provision of innovative non-statutory elections’ solutions. The extensive combined management experience of over 30 years in the field of election management and facilitation; places the ES4A at the leading edge in the provision of advanced and well planned elections services and solutions that guarantee to increase member participation and ensure a free, fair and credible process.


ES4A boasts a service menu/suite that has been tried and tested through its management expertise, offering a service that ranges from an end-to-end managed service offering to (a) more specific selection(s) which are based or tailor made solutions to fit the needs of the client. ES4A further boasts a pull of election practitioners that are spread across South Africa and internationally, enabling it to widen its footprint on the provision of its services.

The election management background experience uniquely allows ES4A to offer a comprehensive suite comprised of the following election service :

Election Material Design, Printing & Distribution

This is a flexible service which can be offered as an end to end managed service or a client can chose what best suits its needs.  Services include but not limited to:

  • Concept Design
  •  Security features and anti-fraud measures
  • Develop Nomination Forms, Ballot Papers, Posters, Billboards, Brochures, Leaflets, Flyers, training manuals, etc
  • Production planning
  • Implementation of quality control mechanisms
  • Monitoring of production and distribution (printing, finishing, packing, transport).

Communication Development/ Election System Design

This service requires a particular skill in the development of election documentation content which includes nomination forms, ballot papers, marketing communication, voter education communication, and print and electronic media communication. This service can be offered on a range of platforms which includes electronic and manual platforms. We are also able to assist in design of a suitable electoral system that meets the rules and done under the guidance of best practice and electoral experience.

Voter and Nomination Verification, Risk Assessment and Vetting

Our ICT experts have proved to be the best in the industry where they have been able to conceptualize complex nomination verification requirements for different professional bodies and came up with unprecedented nomination verification solutions in the industry. Our nomination verification systems forms part of the technological solutions we boast in our suite.  Furthermore we have in our suite a Risk Assessment or Vetting solution where we are able to conduct onsite screening of candidates based on the requirements of the client with the quickest turnaround time. Our Risk Assessment/ Vetting solution which can be tailored based on the specifications of the client.

Candidate Nomination Process

We are able to design the best nomination solution in line with your guidelines or relevant legislative framework being guided by our experience in similar elections and best practice. Core in our solutions are system security the principles of inclusivity and transparency

Register Compilation and Maintenance

ES4A has extensive expertise in the compilation of registers or Voters’ Rolls. Having the best solution architects and developers in election software development, ES4A is positioned to be a leader in the compilation of any type of secure process.

Electronic Voting

ES4A management expertise without doubt has set the benchmark in the provision of electronic voting solutions in the country. (Security – Banking Standards) We have unmatched abilities in the development of cutting edge voter registration solutions, nomination verification solutions and voting platforms.

Election Policy/ Constitutional Review and Development

We are able to review and develop  election policies/ or constitutions as experience has taught us that having a well outlined election policy that doesn’t have loopholes and ambiguities reduces risk and prevents a conflict situation.

Our services are designed to meet the needs of a diverse clientele that includes but not limited to: Provident Funds, Pensions Funds, Medical Aid Schemes, Professional Bodies, Government Departments, Political Parties, Communities, Mines, Private Companies, Trade Unions, Tertiary Institutions, Civic Organisations, and many more others.